Holly Sanders Dots

Looking for something more personalised?

Holly offers one-of-a-kind bespoke artworks. Commission artworks are created uniquely for you, with a personalised story in a style, colour palette, aesthetic and canvas size of your choosing. The representation of your artwork and the design will never be reproduced or made into prints, it is your own individual artwork.



Fill out the form below. Please indicate style preference or list previous artworks to which you feel drawn to. If you are searching Holly’s online gallery, Instagram or store for inspiration please choose 3 artworks which gives clarity around your desired style. List the artwork names in the message box below along with your story ideas and any other background information.

Initial Design Stage

You will be contacted via email to discuss pricing and design details further. Afterwards, a 25% deposit is required to secure your spot and allow for ordering supplies and materials.

Final design stage

Your painting is completed and detailed photos will be available to view. Photos will be sent for feedback or any adjustments you would like made. A final photo will be sent before postage to check you are totally in love and satisfied with your artwork. Please allow 2-8 weeks for your commission to be completed since the Initial design stage process. Your patience is appreciated, as this allows Holly to connect and create a work that is special and unique just for you.


The remaining payment is required before shipping.

– Jemma H.
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“Thank you so much! Your art is so special, I am obsessed with it!”
- Jo E.
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“Your artwork is absolutely AMAZING! I wish you saw my reaction in person- there was an audible excited gasp followed by multiple expression of Yay!”
- Britta L.
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“Since March I have been trying to get my hands on one of Holly’s pieces and it was WORTH IT. This is the most stunning piece of artwork”
- Lynda M.
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“I am so proud to be fortunate enough to have this beautiful artwork to hang in my home. Just beautiful”
- Michele S.
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“Thank you so much for the absolutely beautiful painting. We love it!”

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