‘Gunjull Gibbam’ – Beautiful Moon – Original

121 x 91cm

Acrylic on stretched canvas ready to hang.

The moon and the stars don’t just light the night sky, but are sources of meaning, stories of Dreaming and Creation, traditions, ancestors, culture and history. Symbolic of life and Country’s cyclical nature, it waxes and wanes signifying change and transformation. Many Bundjalung people have an excellent understanding of the motions of the moon, and its relationship to the tides. Its phase, position, appearance and brightness all have special significance and meaning. Lunar phases are linked to the different tides and incorporated into Saltwater Country knowledge systems. This knowledge informs hunting, fishing and agricultural practices. The stars are seen as a compass, a clock and a seasonal calendar. The moon, a light in the darkness, offers guidance, wisdom and hope. The night sky is a source of knowledge about aspects of life and Lore. When we look to the night sky we look upon the same stars as our ancestors did and find strength in the knowledge that they are looking down on us, always guiding.


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