‘Sacred Grandparent Trees’ – Original

104 x 104cm

Acrylic on stretched canvas ready to hang. Box framed in light pine.

This work symbolises sacred grandparent trees on Country. Trees help anchor our identity and belonging to Country. They hold knowledge and maintain the wellbeing of our people, flora and fauna. Grandparent Trees hold our ancestors stories and are a direct link to our old people. They are important and connected in ceremony, birthing and burials. Sacred carved trees often mark important sites, such as burial grounds and sacred sites. They are also culturally significant during pregnancy and childbirth. Certain Birthing Trees are markers and places of shelter for women during labour and birth. Trees of the same species growing in the same stand are connected to each other through their root systems. They look, listen and understand. Grandparent Trees are important to our people and our way of life, both physically, culturally and spiritually.


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